March 22, 2019  American Legion Post 653 March 22, 2019  American Legion Post 653 

Speedy Secure Responsive Web Design Terlingua Texas March 22, 2019  American Legion Post 653  Terlingua Ranch Lodge Website Showcases Rustic Allure with Responsive Design

JOINT PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (15 JUNE 2017) Redesigned with expanded and enhanced content, combines speed and security with mobile-friendly presentation for maximal performance, reliable integrity and optimal user experience. TERLINGUA, TEXAS. Terlingua Ranch Lodge, a scenic Chihuahuan Desert retreat nestled between the mountains of Big Bend National Park and Big Bend… Read More

Veterans West Texas March 22, 2019  American Legion Post 653  TWC Launches Veteran Industry Partnership Program

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) recently announced the launch of a Veteran Industry Partnership (VIP) initiative to create jobs for veterans and supply a skilled and ready workforce for some of the state’s most high-demand industries. TWC has designated $4.3 million from the state’s Skills Development Fund to establish the initiative, which brings together industry… Read More

The Last Outpost: Terlingua Texas March 22, 2019  American Legion Post 653  A Thought-Provoking Look at “The Last Outpost”

They’re a motley collection of loners, back-to-the-landers, artists, and eccentrics, scattered around the Texas desert, dozens of miles in every direction—as far north as the upper boundaries of the Terlingua Ranch (a 200,000-acre rough-and-tumble development south of Alpine) and as far south as Redford. What holds them together as an unstructured but otherwise meaningful community… Read More