December 12, 2018  American Legion Post 653 December 12, 2018  American Legion Post 653 
Chris Miller | Terlingua Texas

Nicole & Chris Miller
Their daughters Elizabeth & Alayna

Miller Girls Support

Nicole’s siblings, Amber and Jonathan, have started this GoFundMe campaign for Nicole, Elizabeth and Alayna. All funds will be withdrawn by Nicole directly upon campaign close. We have no access to the funds.

These three suddenly find themselves without their father and husband Chris Miller here on this earth. Additionally, life insurance is not available to help sustain the girls with future living expenses.

So many kind and loving people have expressed their desire to help and in addition to prayers, any financial contributions will help Nicole provide for the girls in the future.

Nicole and Chris live in a remote section of the West Texas Big Bend in south Brewster County near Terlingua. They run their own businesses, and with Chris gone their future is uncertain. With Nicole needing to focus on her healing and that of the girls, financial strains really should be the least of her worries.

This campaign will be open for a few weeks and appreciate anyone who is able or willing to donate to the girls. If you cannot donate, please keep them in your prayers and please continue to reach out to them and check in on them as they try to move forward in coming times. We want to make sure they know they have the support of their family, friends and community.

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